Sustainable Jersey – “Cleaning-up” NJ

Sustainable Jersey LogoHave you heard about the nonpartisan nonprofit called Sustainable Jersey? They have a certification program for NJ Towns & Cities, to help them “go green.” By going green they also save money, and take steps to sustain their quality of life. The way it works is a participating municipality earns points for accomplishing actions that make their town “greener.”

Currently there are 2 levels of certification, Bronze (150pts) and Silver (350pts) with over 399 towns registered and 137 certified.

Basically towns perform tasks to make themselves greener. These can include performing an energy audit on a municipal building (worth 20pts) or upgrading energy efficiency of a municipal building audited (worth 70 pts). Or a town can create a community garden (worth 10pts), or a program where pedestrians and bicyclists are recognized as legitimate road users (worth 20pts).

There are 16 categories communities can improve upon, including animals, to green design to climate mitigation and more. You can read about them all in more detail on their website:

If you’re interested to learn about what some communities are doing you can check out a recent article about Sustainable Jersey on

Is your community certified? What do you think about this certification?

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