St. Patrick’s Day Craft Project

St. Patrick's Day Sun Catcher
Do you have a preschool or elementary age child? This shamrock sun catcher is the perfect craft to make with them – all you need is a paper plate, green tissue paper, scissors, glue, green ribbon, and this printable shamrock template.

Then, follow the directions found on this blog, to create your own St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Sun Catcher, and let’s hope we start seeing the sun a lot more after this very cold snowy winter! More sun = Melting snow!!!

Want to make your sun catcher even more beautiful? Before you cut out the shamrock decorate your paper plate with crayons, markers, pain or even glue and sparkles!

Don’t forget to post your photos of what you’ve created on our Facebook page! We can’t wait to see where your creativity takes you!

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