Glitter Bugs

When’s the last time you did a craft with you child? If you can’t remember, maybe it’s time to break out the old craft supplies (and maybe even your recycling bin) and get to work! Crafts that incorporate recyclable products are a fun, creative activity that demonstrates to your children how to reuse trash for fun or purpose and expand their minds to think in new, inventive ways.

It’s also a guaranteed way to turn a bored child into a happy crafter (as well as an avid recycler!) If you have elementary school aged children and some old jar lids, they’ll love creating some cute glitter bugs this summer. You’ll even love the cute creations when your kids decide to add some extra flair to your yard decorating with them!

Little recyclers will love this glitter bug craft

All you’ll need for this cute craft are

  • recycled jar lids*
  • white acrylic craft paint
  • glitter paint
  • googly eyes
  • glitter pipe
  • hot glue gun

Just paint both sides of the lids white, cover them in glitter paint, and then stick eyes on top. After that you just need to glue the pipe cleaners to the bottom and viola—you’ve created your own glitter bugs!

For some extra fun, make a variety of different colored and sized glitter bugs for you kids to play with. Try helping them make their favorite TV characters or super heroes like Mickey Mouse or Spiderman. They’ll love having adventures with their little glitter-bug figurines in the yard. Don’t forget to share the pictures of your completed recycled craft!

* Note: since you’re only using the lids you’ll have the jars left over-don’t throw them out just yet! You might want to recycle them yourself and use them as unique vases.

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