Coffee Filter Fireworks

We hope you’re enjoying the summer months so far. We can’t believe it’s July already—where did the time go?

Since July is here, that means Independence Day is just a couple days away. This time can be a crazy part of the year but it’s also jammed pack with fun and exciting things to do. In the midst of all the upcoming baseball games, picnics and fireworks this can be a really great opportunity to be environmentally conscious and dispose of all your holiday waste in an environmentally friendly way. To get in the patriotic (and environmentally friendly) spirit, why not try decorating your home with these awesome red, white, and blue coffee filter fireworks.

You'd never guess these festive center pieces were once boring coffee filters!

This craft is extremely simple to make and are really great at adding a pop of patriotic pizazz to your household or party. All you’ll need is:

  • basket coffee filters*
  • chenille stems
  • blue and red water color paint
  • paintbrush
  • scissors
  • and 2 pieces of paper towel

These fireworks (or flowers, whichever they look like more to you!) work great as centerpieces or as a kid’s craft. Better yet, why not combine the two and let your kids feel like they helped decorate for the big party? Not hosting the big shindig? No problem! You can easily place the decorations outside (as long as it’s not raining) or bring them along as a small gift from your children to the host.

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*Although in order to pain the filters red and white they will need to be new filters, you can try this less festive and more intricate on your own with used coffee filters and old papers.

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