Effects of Soil Pollution

Soil pollution doesn’t just effect plant growth, it contributes to a lot of consequences. Here are a few of the things you should be concerned about when it comes to soil pollution:

  1. Effect on Plant Growth: If the chemistry of the soil changes a lot in a short period of time most plant will be unable to adapt to the changes, and can contribute to soil erosion as well as soil fertility. Decreased soil fertility means fruits and vegetables that grow in it lack necessary nutrients, and absorb toxins passing them on to anyone consuming them.
  2. Effect on Human Health: Soil is the reason we can sustain ourselves. Crops grown on polluted soil absorb the pollution, and pass it on to us. Long term our genetic make-up can be affected and contribute to chronic health problems. Emissions from areas with polluted soil are also a large concern and cause of serious health effects.
  3. Effect on Animal Health: Just like humans, animals are sustained by soil, and the pollution absorbed by their foods can be passed onto them, causing the same effects as humans – long term health problems, not easily solved.

It is important that when contaminated soil is found, it is removed and remediated properly in a facility like Westside Environmental. It is also important that we regulate industries to ensure that they don’t dump toxic waste inappropriately, and take care of our environment.

Organic farming, and reducing the use of pesticides and fertilizers is also important to make sure that we keep our environment clean and healthy for future generations.

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