Today is National Learn about Composting Day 2014

What is National ‘Learn about Composting’ Day?

It’s always May 29th. It’s a day to teach your kids, your employees, and yourself about composting. Today is the perfect opportunity to go green and help the environment. Composting is simple, here’s a guide to help you get started (Click here). What Westside environmental does for soil is a bit like composting, instead of putting nutrients in, we take pollution out. We clean the soil so it can safely be used again. This is called soil remediation.  But today we are talking about composting and how it keeps our environment a little greener. Everyone can compost. You just need to start.

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What you should  compost

As we learn to throw out less compostable waste, we divert garbage from going into the landfill. There are long lists of things to compost so there will be no trouble getting started. Most people know that you can compost vegetable scraps from the kitchen, garden trimmings, and yard vegetation. Here is a complete list of what you can compost (click here). There are also household items to compost such as raw untreated wood, cardboard, and newspaper.

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Where to start

You will need a composter which you make (click here) or purchase (click here) or start on your lawn (see infographic below). Read up on the links we provided so you know exactly what to compost and how to get started. Start composting today, you can help save the planet, keep more waste out of landfill and save money.

where to start when learning to compost. an infographic

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