Salvaging Your Kitchen Waste

Love Can Cook - The Salvage Chef Cookbook

Did you know 33 tons of food is disposed of every year in the United States? Imagine how many people we could feed if we could salvage just ½ of that waste in a year. Perhaps it could feed some, or better yet all, of the 17 million Americans that don’t have enough food. At least that is what Chef Michael Love hopes to achieve with his book, The Salvage Chef Cookbook. He’s not suggesting you start raiding through trash bins, but rather, take another look at the food you’re throwing out before it goes into the trash, teaching you how to be creative with your cooking.

“Every day families throw away perfectly edible yet overlooked food as they are often unaware of how to ‘salvage’ it and create something delicious,” Love has said.

The Salvage Chef Cookbook isn’t just 125 recipes for cooking food ‘on it’s way out’ – but rather an educational book on proper food storage with answers to commonly asked questions about food.

“Salvage to most people means saving something that has been discarded. To me, salvaging in the kitchen is about taking real food destined for the trash bin and finding an innovative and delicious purpose for it, thereby saving money, reducing waste and delivering delicious food to the table,” said Love.

Learn more about the book and author by visiting And, if you’re interested in purchasing a copy of your own to start being a part of the solution check it out on

Thank you Earth911 for teaching us about this great cookbook!

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