Green or Greener?

Here at Westside Environmental, we care about the environment. The word “environment” is even in our name! We do know, however, that not all companies practice what they preach. That’s why we strive to make the world a greener place every day not just by the recycling work we do, but more importantly by the methods we use to get the job done. There are different shades when it comes to “being green” and we like to think we’re just a little “greener” than the rest thanks to our two recycling centers and innovative rail-based transportation that protects the environmental while saving both time and money.

Greener Centers

Most recycling facilities have one center but we wanted to do more. We have two recycling centers, including the NY/NJ metropolitan area’s greenest material recovery facility. With two centers, we can recycle and properly dispose of double the materials in the same amount of time as the other guys.

Our unique “Gold-Standard” negative-air technology processes 80,000 cubic feet of air per minute and eliminates any release of pollutants, dust or odors during the process. Our NJDEP permitted facilities complete six full air changes every hour, not only meeting or surpassing EPA Fugitive Emission Standards but also saving time.

Greener Transport

Most material recovery facilities in the United States rely on heavy-duty trucks to transport waste and soil. Diesel trucks are a fairly reliable transportation method, however the environmental risks from diesel pollution are alarming. Diesel pollution from trucks not only damages the environment but can also make people sick. In fact, the state of California has found that fine particle matter from diesel pollution accounts for 70% of the cancer risk from air that we breathe in*.

We wanted to limit the amount of trucks we had on the road releasing pollutants. That’s why Westside Environmental became the first rail-based material recovery facility in the United States. Being rail-based makes us a few shades greener than other recycling and environmental companies that use trucks as  our rail-based transportation reduces CO2 emissions.

Greener is Better

Claiming to be a green company is one thing, but there’s always ways in which a company can be greener. We’ll never stop striving to protect our environment with the latest recycling and material recovery technology. If you’d like to make your business cleaner, check out these quick tips we put together—it’s easier than you think!

*Source: UCS Website

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