Green Demolition – Environmentally friendly material recovery

Green Demolition and Material Recovery Facilities

Green demolition otherwise known as green deconstruction is a growing industry. Westside Environmental, an NJ based green recovery facility keeps 85 percent of construction waste out of a landfills. Accomplishing this takes care and attention. Sure, you can go in with a bulldozer and a wreck a place, but that’s not what green demolition is about. Deconstruction means finding valuable recyclables and diverting waste from landfills. This may cost more upfront, but you’ll save on tipping costs (what they charge to dump in landfills) and get tax credits.

Green demolition deconstruction demolition recycling environmental

Green demolition is required for LEED Certification,  which promote environmentally sustainable construction. LEED Certification gives added value to a construction project, and credits are given to a new project that diverts at least half of its construction waste from landfills.

Green demolition deconstruction. We believe waste management means diverting waste from landfills, and recycling what some call garbage. From municipal garbage collection to recycling tires

The alternative to onsite separation is taking waste to an environmentally friendly recovery facility that accept bulk deliveries, such as Westside Environmental in New Jersey. These facilities can  handle sorting different materials.

In some places green demolition is mandatory, such as in cities like San Diego, California. Construction crews pay a hefty deposit when they file for a building permit. They get the money back when they prove at least 50 percent of their construction waste has been recycled or reused. Talk about an incentive.

Once companies train their crews to deconstruct with recycling in mind, costs between traditional demolition and environmentally friendly deconstruction are reduced.

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