7 Animals that Recycle Everyday

Apparently we have a lot to learn from our animal friends. They create a balance with their surroundings by taking only what they need to survive. Humans aren’t the only animals that recycle anymore.

7 Animals that Recycle

Number One – Birds

Number Two – Spiders

misunderstood spider recycles

These little guys keep our homes bug free and they also recycle their webbing. By eating their web, they can regain the protein they used to create the structure. Sounds a lot like aggregate recycling.

Number Three – Crabs

hermit crab wearing a shell made out of yellow and blue yellow blocks

Hermit Crabs use whatever is in their environment, even legos.

Number Four- Octopi

recycling octopus uses coconut shells to build a home

Octopi are brilliant, they create temporary homes out of debris found on the ocean floor. From GreenDiary.com

Number Five- Dung Beetles

dung beetle recycling in the sahara dessert

Dung beetles recycle feces all day, every day. They build their homes, lay eggs, and even eat the poop. These guys are one of the most valuable bugs on the planet. Last year they saved the cattle industry $380,000,000 by processing cattle manure.

Number Six- Coral

coral reef seen halfway under blue ocean water and half the image is above the water by a cliff with green trees growing out of it.

Although over three quarters of the world’s coral reefs are endangered, these resilient adaptable beings can stick themselves onto almost any hard surface. They basically use whatever is around, sunken battleships, underwater cables, pipelines, you name it.

Number Seven- Elephants

a grey african baby elephant recycles old christmas tree by eating it.

Did you know elephants help us recycle christmas trees every year? After the holidays, zoos give the trees to animals to snack on.

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